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المساعد 06-12-2010 09:35 AM

مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

السؤال الرابع وطبعا 30 درجه :

Q4: 30 Marks
Consider the Advanced motorway signalling and traffic management feasibility study, A report to the Secretary of State for Transport, DfT, March 2008:
The above report is an 81 page document but this question is concerned mainly with the first two chapters (i.e about first 23 pages) of the report. Answer the following system related questions regarding the M42 ATM system described in the above report:
i) 6(a) What, basically, does the system do? 3 marks
ii) 6(c) What are the main objectives? 5 marks
iii) 1(b) What are its components? 10 marks
iv) 2(a) How can the system be broken down into functional subsystems on an activity or process basis? 12 marks

بالتوفيق للجميع وعقبال ما نخلص الواجب ونوصل لهذا السؤال

il Capitano 13-12-2010 01:54 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
هناك وثيقة مكونة من 81 صفحة
ولكن اجابة السؤال ستكون غن الفصلين الاولين من هذه المقالة يعني عن اول 23 صفحة من الوثيقة

السؤال الاول

ماهو عمل النظام؟

السؤال الثاني
ماهي الاهداف الرئيسية

السؤال الثالث
ماهي المكونات؟

السؤال الرابع
كيف من الممكن تقسيم هذا النظام
الى انظمة مستقلة (اصغر )
في معالجة او في نشاط ؟؟

مقبرة 13-12-2010 11:02 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
أخواني ممكن تفاعل أكثر في هذا السؤال

نبي حل لكل فقرة لو تكرمتوا

مقبرة 14-12-2010 11:02 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
بانتظاركم يا اخوان ما بقى الا هالسؤال

sa216 19-12-2010 03:55 PM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
جواب فقرة A

The M42 pilot has given us valuable experience of installing and operating a
hard shoulder running system in the UK, and early results indicate benefits in
relation to traffic flow, journey time reliability, emissions and compliance, at
considerably lower cost than widening schemes.

بس يبالها مراجعة اكثر...

جواب فقرة B
• To optimise safety and performance, in accordance with the volume
and make up of the traffic;
• To provide more consistent journey times;
• To minimise harmful emissions and fuel consumption;
• To reduce delays and disruption due to accidents and incidents; and
• To provide improved warnings and traffic management in association
with routine maintenance operations.

جواب فقرة C

The system includes:
• lightweight gantries with Variable Message Signs around every 500m;
• appropriate road markings and fixed signing;
• continuous safety fencing;
• Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras;
• fixed CCTV cameras typically up to 250m intervals;
• semi-automatic control system (SCS);
• HADECS cameras;
• lighting throughout the length of the scheme; and
• the necessary optical fibre cabling and communications links.

بقي فقرة d فقط...

بالتوفيق وأظن بكذا تقريباً جاوبنا على 99% من الواجب ...

husseinzein 23-12-2010 12:13 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
بالنسبة للفقرة الأخيرة ما هي الfunctional subsystems

غلا الشرق 26-12-2010 09:41 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )

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وش السالفه؟؟!! :g:

من وين اجيب المقاله؟؟ اللي معه ينزلها او يرفعها لموقع ثاني بليز..

sa216 26-12-2010 09:43 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
لا سالفة ولايحزنون ...

اخر الجملة بعد كلمة PDF امسحي النقطة اللي تجي معك لانك تسوين كوبي بيست... وراح يفتح الموقع معك زي الحلاوة..

أو إذا ماودك تمسحين أنقري هنا :


بالتوفيق ...

غلا الشرق 26-12-2010 10:01 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )

المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة sa216 (المشاركة 3823928)
لا سالفة ولايحزنون ...

اخر الجملة بعد كلمة PDF امسحي النقطة اللي تجي معك لانك تسوين كوبي بيست... وراح يفتح الموقع معك زي الحلاوة..

أو إذا ماودك تمسحين أنقري هنا :


بالتوفيق ...

اوكي ضبط..
بس ماشفت حلاوه :biggrin23 ياشين السماجه عالصبح
يعطيك العافيه

samx70 28-12-2010 07:34 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
الله يعطيكم العافية جميعاً
الموضوع يحتاج فقط قرائة المقالة والاجابات مباشرة
جزاكم الله خيراً عن كل التوضيحات

كلي لك 28-12-2010 06:52 PM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
يعطيكم العافية على التفاعل الأكثر من رائع .. سؤالي عن الفقرة الأخيرة ممكن أحد يشرح لي الفقرة d ويعلمني في أي بلوك أقدر أقرأ عن functional subsystems

Miss Dangerous 28-12-2010 09:29 PM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
بصراحة دخت!
ما لقيت جواب الفقرة d

sa216 28-12-2010 10:42 PM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
جواب فقرة D من وجهة نظري لاني اصلاً دخت وانا افحط بالمقالة ولاحصلت شيء مباشر ..وبعد تفكير حصلت أقرب جواب الاتي..

أولاً.. السؤال يسأل عن السيستم كيف يصير سب سيستم أثناء العمل...

لذا وجدت أن الأفضل اننا نكتب كيف السيستم يعمل وينظم حركة السير عبر شرح مفصل لمكوناته...

أرجعوا لصفحة 11 و12 من المقالة بها شرح المكونات...

The toolkit of technologies
Automatic Queue Detection and Signalling
1.5 Automatic queue protection is provided through the Motorway Incident
Detection and Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) system. It uses inductive loops
spaced at 500 metre intervals in the road to detect slow moving, queuing or
stationary traffic. MIDAS can reduce collisions causing injury by up to 13%.
1.6 MIDAS sets signals automatically to display advisory speed limits
together with supplementary text messages such as ‘QUEUE AHEAD’ and
‘QUEUE CAUTION’. This protects the back of the queue from secondary
collisions. The signs are mounted on cantilevers, gantries or, on older
systems, on posts in the central reserve. The system is currently in operation
on 1167 kilometres (41%) of the motorway network in England. MIDAS is
also used as part of Controlled Motorway (CM) and hard shoulder running
systems to measure the speed and flow of traffic. When used in conjunction
with CM and hard shoulder running, the speed signals set by MIDAS are
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
1.7 CCTV monitoring on the national road network provides Regional
Control Centres (RCCs) with 'real-time' traffic flow and incident information.
This enables a better response to major and minor incidents by the
emergency services and Traffic Officers. Rapid overview of network
conditions provides up-to-the-minute information for RCCs, the National
Traffic Control Centre and the traffic media.
1.8 Increased coverage of the network through the provision of additional
CCTV cameras would allow the Highways Agency to detect and deploy
resources more effectively in response to incidents which occur on the
motorway network. CCTV is crucial to the operation of hard shoulder running,
for monitoring, opening and closing the lane and for rapidly responding to
incidents. It is not used for enforcement. Fixed cameras provide full
coverage of the hard shoulder and Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camaras provide
coverage of the overall road spaca and junctions, as deployed on the M42
Advanced Motorway Indicators (AMI)
1.9 AMIs are the latest form of light emitting diode (LED) signs that display
mandatory variable speed limits above lanes and can also be used to open
and close the hard shoulder or any of the other lanes. There are two versions
of AMI, one of which is equipped for speed compliance enforcement. The
enforcement variant is linked to an enforcement system (HADECS - see
below) to ensure that the correct speed limit is displayed on all AMIs on the
Semi Automatic Control System (SCS)
1.10 This is a software based process which leads RCC operators through a
number of logical steps for inspecting sections of the hard shoulder for
obstructions via CCTV, for each link, prior to opening it as a running lane.
Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System (HADECS)
1.11 The HADECS system has been developed by the Highways Agency
primarily to enforce the mandatory variable speed limits associated with
schemes such as the M42 hard shoulder running and M25 Controlled
Motorway schemes, whose safe and effective operation rely upon driver
compliance with the displayed limits. The system utilises radar based speed
detection by cameras mounted on the overhead gantries, linked to the AMI
displaying the speed limit. The system uses digital camera technology. When
in operation, all evidence is automatically retrieved and recorded at a secure
Police Office.
Message Signs Mk4 (MS4)
1.12 These are two-colour message signs able to display text, pictures and
signals flexibly, using LED technology and can be set either by an operator or
Ramp Metering
1.13 'Ramp metering' (also known as motorway access management) on
motorways uses traffic lights on motorway entry slip roads to regulate the flow
onto the motorway to reduce congestion. The key features are:
• Traffic light signals on the entry slip road
• Vehicle detection on the motorway main line and entry slip road
(currently through inductive loops) to monitor congestion
• Control equipment with control algorithms, which can adjust the timing
of the lights based on traffic detected to help prevent queues from
forming on the main carriageway
• Warning signs on the slip road

طبعاً أختصروا الكلام ...

ومن لديه حل أفضل فلايبخلن على أخوانه الطلبة...

أدعوا لي عندي ميدترم الخميس والسبت..:blushing:

بالتوفيق للجميع...

بطعم الواو 30-12-2010 09:03 AM

رد: مناقشة الواجب ( TMA 2 -Question 4 : 30 Marks )
:cry: كيف اختصر فقرررررررررررة دي

الساعة الآن 01:34 PM.

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